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  Buddhist's Discipline
  Upasaka Dhamma
  Vesak Day
Dhamma Bhasita
"Madhuva mannati balo"
  "Yava papam na pacchati "
"Yada cha pacchati papam"
  "Atha dukkham nigacchati"
     "The wicked thinks that sin is sweet so long as such sin is not yet ripe. but when such sin cecomes ripe then do they taste the [bitter] fruits thereof."
"Na hi dhammo adhammo cha
  "Ubho samavipakino
"Adhammo nirayam neti
  "Dhammo papeti sugatim"
     "Virtue and evil give not the same fruit, for evil leads men to hell, whereas virtue leads them to heaven: those who are virtuous are sent up by virtue to prosperity, while those who are evil are dragged down by evil to ruin."
Bahussatam silavatupapannam
Dhamme thitam na vijahati.
     "And fame will never for sake him, who is learned, is correct in conduct and ovservance, and who is steadfast in Virtue."   
"Dhananchaje angavarassa,
     Man should sacrifice wealth in order to preserve his linbs, which are more precious;
"Anganchaje jivitam rakkhamano,
     To preserve life, he should sacrifice all his limbs;
"Angam dhananjivitanchapi sabbam
"Appeve jahe dhammamanussaranto."
     When Righteousness is in question, Wealth, Limbs, and even Life, all must be sacrificed should the occasion so demand it.
     To further elaborate the above teaching, [it may be explained that] Wealth is obtained through bodily exertion, or by putting by wealth that should be preserved to employed in certain ways, such for example as for personal expenditure or expenditure on behalf of men worthy of employment; and should one suffer from any disease which, if left unattended to, wound involve the loss of some limb, as for example having a wound on the hand or foot, then must one disburse one'x wealth in order to cure such wound, Should a limb become useless, and it becomes necessary to amputate the limb in order to preserve life, then should one consent to the amputation of that limb, since it is better to preserve one's life. In time of adversity, when life coul only be preserved at the expense of Righteousness, as for example in the matter of Religious Faith when one finds one's self compelled to embrace another religion in which one has no belief, or in war when taken prisoner by the enemy who would compel one to commit an act which would be harmful to one's nation and country, then even life must be sacrificed, to say nothing of wealth or limb, which one wouldsacrifice as a matterof course. 
"Chhanda dosa bhaya moha
  "Yo dhammam ativattati
"Nihiyati tassa yaso
  "Kalapakkheva chandima;"
    "The fame of him who transgresseth [the path of] Virtue on account of Lobe[Chanda], Hatred[Dosa], Fear[Bhaa], and lgnorance[Moha], will grow less, like unto the waning moon in the dark fortnight;  
"Chhanda dosa bhaya moha
  "Yo dhammam ativattati
"Aapurati tassa yaso
  "Sukkapakkheva chandima."
     "The fame of him who transgresseth not Virtue on account of Love, Hatred, Fear, and Lgnorance, will be ever full, like unto the moon in the brigth foutnight."  
 The Three Admonitions or Exhortations of the Buddha
"Subbapapassa akaranam
  etam buddhanasasanam"
1.Not to do any evil.
2. To do good.
3. To purify the mind.
This is the Teaching of the Buddhas.
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